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Nishant Hari, 40-year-old executive is employed in banking & insurance sector. We began coaching to work on his personality development. In our first session he described himself to be self-loathing, feeling inadequate as compared to others at workplace. Organization is sponsoring the coaching intervention, they see potential in Nishant, he is required to be now readied for leadership position.

Over five sessions, using structured coaching model, we defined our goals, prepared the action lists, understood the patterns for negative self-talk, mitigated options and rolled up our sleeves to get going. There were several deep questions, hours of listening to spirit behind words, planning, checking on commitment levels and self-reflective home works. He stayed put in the journey. His vocabulary changed from “I am not capable” and “I never have time to build my skills” to “I am enough” and “I am an explorer”.

Nishant, today, is a different person, he is more driven, focused on end result, up for a much-awaited promotion.

Do you see yourself in Nishant’s shoes? Or it could be on similar lines. Executives seek coaching for several reasons. They could feel ‘stuck’ or want to get ready for new job roles or perhaps are looking for change or simply need to know how to move ahead in the organization. Executive Coaching is a structured process to converse with clients, understand where they are and where they want to go in the organization. It is a distinct form of learning, here the individuals take onus of their personal growth and effectiveness in real time, with the help of a coach. It is believed that “the more an individual is involved in identifying problems, in working out and applying solutions for them and in reviewing results, the more complete and the more long-lasting the learning is. This form of self-improvement tends to bring about learning with a deeper understanding than learning that is taught.”

The percentage of respondents citing that particular reason is as under:

The return on Investment in coaching is impressive, individual’s specific need is addressed, the client comes back to workplace with increased motivation and productivity. Note it is not about correcting of a problem but empowering individuals to develop management skills that impact the entire organization.

Let us be clear, who doesn’t want to step up in their career?
Who will not prefer a thought partner or a sounding board to discuss ideas and challenges?
I work with a premise that everyone is able, creative to find their pathway, I stand next to them during the navigation holding the torch.

I present my SIGNATURE COACHING PROGRAMS to address particular business purpose. Executives with Growth Mindset will gain tremendously with these Coaching Intervention Programs, and can be availed by individuals and corporates:


Discover the unique storyteller in you, craft your business story, tell that story to engage, to persuade, to inspire for work. Story Coaching Program attempts to enable you to tell stories, devote attention to improve your skills, embedding the know –how of storytelling, finally encourage you to apply the new-found knowledge at workplace through practice. A myriad of storytelling concepts & techniques are introduced with deep emphasis in developing your ‘storytelling mind’. Story Coaching Program is for anyone who wants to work with story at workplace. It will be a useful program for Managers, Leaders, Learning & Development Professionals, Coaches.


The Story Coaching Program proposes 5 sessions of 1-2-1 intervention of 90 minutes each in a month. During the period course work planner will be shared, there will be set of pre-work, homework and post program assignments to be done. These sessions can be face to face or through skype / zoom. The intensive and interactive session expects you to bring yourself fully to be benefitted from the program.


Professionals in a corporate environment require a fair amount of executive presence to don leadership position. You can develop gravitas and communicate with confidence to ‘own a room’. As defined by Ms. Jenna Goudreau in an article in Forbes Magazine, executive presence is the ability to project gravitas--confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness—seems to be its core characteristic, according to more than two-thirds of the executives surveyed. Furthermore, communication—including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation—and appearance contribute to a person’s perceived executive presence.

Coaching for Executive Presence attempts to identify areas of improvement and dialogue to construct your winning style.


Coaching for Executive Presence proposes 5 sessions of 1-2-1 intervention of 60 minutes each in a month. During the period the coachee will take a self-assessment, individual development planner, based on areas that need attention, will be created coupled with home assignments. These sessions will be face to face. Needless to say, the intensive and interactive session expects you to bring yourself fully to be benefitted from the program.


This is your go to personalised personality development program for you to shine at workplace. Individual’s communication competency is in the limelight, I will ask questions like, ‘Are you thinking on your feet?’ ‘What is your hinder?’ ‘Do you say something and mean something else?’ ‘Do you feel anxious when speaking in public?’ It is our limiting beliefs impedes us from excelling, when we investigate the root cause, we can get rid of them. This program will create a framework to rewire some of these beliefs and help you in communicating positively for building lasting relationships and reputation at workplace.


Talk Smart, Think Smart Coaching program proposes 12 sessions of 1-2-1 intervention of 60 minutes each twice a month or 6 sessions of Group Coaching of 120 minutes each once a month. During the period the clients will take a self-assessment, individual development planner, based on areas that need attention, will be created coupled with home assignments. 1-2-1 sessions will be a combination of face to face, telephone call and skype. The program requires you to be aware of your final destination, stay determined and be ready to uncover the new you.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart."

- Rumi


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